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Welcome to Cairns, home of the Great Barrier Reef!

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Experience a magical day (or night!) on the Great Barrier Reef with Divers Den.

Whether you’re a snorkeller, first time diver or certified pro, discover the marine wonderland of the outer Great Barrier Reef, just a 90-minute boat trip from Cairns.

Our day trip departs from Cairns on our newest vessel, AquaQuest and includes five hours at the reef & visits two stunning dive sites. These are expertly chosen from our exclusive moorings on the Norman, Saxon and Hastings reefs to bring you the best quality conditions and diverse marine life, from colourful corals to inquisitive Nemos, turtles, stingrays and giant Maori Wrasse.

If just one day at the reef isn’t enough to curb your appetite for the ocean, an overnight trip from Cairns on our Liveaboard vessel, OceanQuest gives you all the time you need. Visit our colourful dive and snorkel sites during the day, and at night everything from our 'Sharks in the Dark' activity to Fluoro diving, air conditioned cabins with en suites, lounge and bar, are designed for your comfort and enjoyment. We offer daily transfers from Cairns to OceanQuest.

Our vessels are purpose built for diving and snorkelling. Spacious dive decks and a sunken platform offering easy access to the water, plus state of the art equipment. Enjoy our large sun decks, air conditioned indoor spaces and hot fresh water showers. Meals are fully catered for offering a pre-packed lunch on AquaQuest and onboard chef on our liveaboard vessel.


Want to learn how to dive?

Our state-of-the-art Dive School, located in Cairns offers open water courses for anyone who has never dived before and would like to experience more of the magical underwater world! You’ll get all the top class tuition offered over two days of pool training, as well as two memorable day trips to the outer Great Barrier Reef.

Our newest programme 'Scuba Kids' is a half-day program where children will learn the basics of scuba diving and try it for themselves. After a quick training session on land, they’ll be fitted with kid-size scuba equipment, hop into our heated dive pool and try breathing underwater for the first time. Scuba Kids is suitable for any kid who’s aged 8-11 years and comfortable in the water.

During their dive experience, kids will:

Learn how scuba diving equipment works and how to use it safely

  • Try scuba diving in the shallow end of our pool, supervised by our professional PADI instructors
  • Snorkel, swim and try our underwater scooters
  • Learn about the Great Barrier Reef and the wildlife you can see there
  • Play underwater games and have lots of fun!


Head over to www.diversden.com.au to book your ocean adventure!


News By Divers Den - Cairns

Great Barrier Reef Coral Spawning Expedition 2021

Coral Spawning

By Divers Den - Cairns

24 Sep 2021

Once a year, for a few nights in late Spring or early Summer, the Great Barrier Reef turns on a spectacular and sexy festival. On these nights many corals spawn in a mass synchronised event, unlike elsewhere in the animal kingdom! Divers Den provides fun and informative trips for both snorkelers and certified divers. 

Corals living on the Great Barrier Reef spawn about four to five days after the full moon in October or November and sometimes in December. 

There are three aspects that trigger coral spawning out :

  • Gradual rise in sea temperature, triggering the eggs and sperm to mature inside the adult coral.

  • The lunar cycle coordinates the exact moment at which the corals release their precious cargo into the water.

  • The third stimulus is related to the diurnal cycle - coral need the darkness of night to do the wild thing!

Join us on Tuesday 23, Wednesday 24 & Thursday 25 November for our exclusive trips out to the Great Barrier Reef 

Visit https://www.diversden.com.au/unique-experiences/great-barrier-reef-coral-spawning-expeditions/ for more details 

Ribbon Reef Expedition from Cairns running soon!

By Divers Den - Cairns

24 Sep 2021

Prepare yourself for an incredible liveaboard adventure up to the famous Ribbon Reefs!

This four-day trip gives you the opportunity to enjoy up to 14 stunning dives along the beautiful Ribbon Reefs north of Cairns. You will encounter clouds of tropical fish, an incredible variety of vibrant healthy corals, giant clams, anemones, huge schools of cruising pelagic fish and so much more!

Starting in the North of Cairns, and finishing to the east of Lizard Island, the Ribbon Reefs are a stunning turquoise chain of 10 individual reefs. Fringing the edge of the continental shelf, this 200km stretch of the Great Barrier Reef lies in a remote region of North Queensland and is only accessible by a few liveaboards.

This expedition will take place on our liveaboard vessel OceanQuest. With air-conditioned cabins, each with en suite bathroom, a comfortable lounge and bar and an onboard chef delivering delicious hearty meals, you’ll have everything you need to rest and relax as you explore the wonders of these vibrant dive sites.

Dates:  Friday 12 November - Tuesday 16 November 2021


Visit https://www.diversden.com.au/unique-experiences/ribbon-reefs-expedition-from-cairns/ for more details


Divers Den - Cairns Reviews


"An amazing 6 days"

Thank you for an amazing 6 days! Shout out to Luke for being the best instructor ever (I have never heard anyone talk about sea cucumbers and pearl fish with such enthusiasm) and Jo for taking us on an awesome night dive!! You guys are legends and will be missed! Thank you to the rest of the Crew who helped make the experience what it was: Unforgettable. If you want to learn to dive or are already certified and just want to experience the Great Barrier Reef, I would highly recommend this company. The crew will go out of their way to make it the best possible experience for you. They take you to some truly special parts of the reef and make sure to point out where all the good stuff are. If I ever get the chance to come back to Australia, I will definitely be returning!! - @Elizabeth Wentworth on FaceBook


"ReefQuest day trip"

My husband and I went out for a snorkel this morning on the Reef Quest. We had the best time. Everyone on board was super nice. We saw so many amazing things, sharks, clown fish, trigger fish, turtles, and many more! We had lots of time in the water and it exceeded our expectations by a mile (kilometre?!). 100% Recommend these guys to everyone! - @Mica S on TripAdvisor


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