About Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre

About Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre

About Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre

Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre (CTRC) is a voluntary non-profit organisation dedicated to the rehabilitation of sick and injured turtles. 

The Great Barrier Reef is home to six of the world’s seven species of marine turtles. A number of these are seriously threatened by a diverse range of natural and, more significantly, human induced factors. Our rehabilitation facilities are located in Cairns - Far North Queensland, which is where many of the sick and injured turtles that we care for are found . 

CTRC supports the work of all organisations, individuals and agencies in their efforts to conserve sea turtles and the habitats that they live in. We work closely with a number of these groups, which includes the environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and EPA National Park Rangers who are responsible for bringing the turtles to us. 

CTRC relies on the generous donations from supporters and volunteers, without whom we would be unable to continue this important work. Here at CTRC we are always looking for new ways to work with other parties, so that our combined efforts are not only focused but maximised for the overall benefit of sea turtle conservation.

CTRC’s Fitzroy Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre and Interpretative Tours have attained Advanced Eco Tourism Certification. Ecotourism Australia’s national certification program recognises operators that demonstrate sustainable tourism best practice.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission "Protecting and promoting the conservation of marine turtles"

Here at CTRC our mission serves as the guiding principle and therefore underpins the aims and objectives of our organisation. Our aims and objectives include the following;

  • Do all that we can to rehabilitate sick and injured turtles in our care
  • Endeavor to provide assistance, where required or requested, in efforts to rescue turtles in distress
  • Share our knowledge in the interests of turtle rescue, rehabilitation and research
  • Endeavor to raise awareness of issues faced by marine turtles through positive publicity and teaching
  • Help to promote humane and sustainable practices through co-operation and education
  • Seek to positively influence Government Policy relating to turtle conservation and the marine environment



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Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre Reviews


Pippy Grimwade

Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre is a wonderful group of dedicated workers and volunteers, who really give life to the issue of turtle, and general marine conservation. Their work is truly passionate, and given with such love.


Jenny Le

My daughter and I were so inspired by the work of the volunteers. After this tour we had a deeper understanding of turtles & how this amazing team dedicates their time to this non for profit organisation, the support from all the locals is strong!

Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre

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