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HI!! I’m Kate and this is my family – Rob, Josh (15 yrs) and Charlie (13 yrs) and you might even spot our dog Archie (1 yr) at times. We LOVE living in Tropical North Queensland, Australia.

If you’re after ideas for Family Adventures around the Far North then look no further. Come on a journey with us and discover popular (and not so well known) spots around the TNQ region.

My website adventuremumma.com shows you what a wonderful adventure playground the Far North truly is, and that it’s here for everybody to enjoy, whatever age or nationality you may be.

These tours are all hand picked by me and my family and a small commission comes back to me if you book, at no extra cost to you.

If you’re visiting the region and have some questions then please fire away.

 If  you have an activity that you think my family and I would enjoy then please feel free to contact me – kate@adventuremumma.com

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A Journey to Emerald Creek Falls

Emerald Creek Falls

By Adventure Mumma

12 Feb 2018

I went to Emerald Creek Falls the other day and always get a little upset if I find rubbish lying around beautiful parts of Tropical North Queensland. So, unable to accept it any longer I packed in a ‘rubbish kit’ (plastic bags and plastic gloves), making sure there was enough for others if they chose to help out. I also accepted that I might be the only one who would do this job. I didn’t count on the pint-sized Power Ranger however, that took up the challenge wholeheartedly……

I’m sure people look at you oddly when you have a plastic bag dangling off your backpack and pull out the gloves to pick up stuff on the track or in the bush, scouring for bits of plastic and bright objects like some demented Bowerbird. Thankfully Emerald Creek Falls is off the beaten track so rubbish is never really a major issue here. As compared to places where people park and admire the view, now that’s another matter…. don’t get me started!

Fortunately, the rubbish at the Emerald Creek car park was minimal, and thanks to the recent rains we mainly saw mushrooms, toadstools and a HEAP of wildflowers. David, a Nature Play facilitator was busy collecting and pressing wildflowers and happily waiting for other members of the Tree4Reef group to rock up.

Most other people who arrived in the car park didn’t dally around and missed the Frilled Neck Lizard that was the highlight of my trip (I’ve never seen one in the wild before). Its amazing camouflage and ability to pose like a piece of wood meant that most people didn’t spot it when they walked past.  I love coming up to the tablelands just for that reason, there’s such a difference in the flora and fauna, and I’m a BIG fan of checking out the birdlife that you don’t spot regularly down on the coast.

The good news is that whilst scouring for rubbish around the car park I inadvertently enlisted the help of ‘Violet’, a little Power Ranger who was all of 9-years old and who was totally into finding colourful objects that didn’t look right in the environment. My pint-size Power Ranger found stuff around that car park that eluded my eyesight and she didn’t even need ‘gloves’ to handle them.
Along the track to the waterfall we found all manner of stuff. Paths leading off to other places to swim, grasshoppers more colourful than the suburban variety, dragonflies, a segment of the river that looked like it belonged in a Peter Jarver gallery plus we stumbled across loads of slippery rocks and big boulders with scary drop offs that the kids (and us) took all in our stride.

Meanwhile my pint-sized Power Ranger was still scouring the environment for things that didn’t quite fit the picture – we left the sock and the busted thongs for their rightful owners in case they may return and pick them up later.

Up at the base of the waterfall we found a few people sunning themselves and the waterhole empty. Personally I didn’t blame them, the waterfall was pumping thanks to the recent rains and most were happy to just watch and enjoy the views. It didn’t take us long however to jump in and play and frolic in the foaming waters, slowly getting to grips with the power of the falls cascading down the granite ledge.

In the meantime, I donned my mask and fins and went snorkelling, scouring the swimming hole for a mislaid beer bottle or lunch wrappers. Instead I found freshwater shrimps, loads of native tadpoles clinging to the rocks and an eel. My pint-sized Power Ranger however was hunting around where we threw our towels and was slowly filling up my rubbish bag with plenty of lunch wrappers, cans and all manner of discarded items. She wasn’t ready to take on the water just yet, just happy collecting stuff that looked out of place.

Later I lent Violet my mask and she popped her head in for a peek at what lay beneath the surface and was swimming around in the eddies, despite the formidable looking waterfall that was tumbling off the rocks nearby.

Trekking back out after a big day snorkelling, jumping off rocks and playing at the falls, I finally catagorised (i.e. took a photo) all that we shipped out. As I laid it out like a Bowerbird and took the shots I realized that 10% of the items was collected by little ol’ me. Violet, the 9-year old had collected the other 90%! It dawned on me she wasn’t a ‘little’ Power Ranger at all BUT a full blown superhero mingling amongst us adults. I have to say I felt humbled in her presence, knowing full well that this is the generation of Guardians that will stay on long after my lot (and others) have moved on.

Good Things to Know:
• David Witherall, the Coordinator of the Nature Play QLD Family Group called Tree4Reef regularly holds adventures to learn about the environment and to encourage natural play and exploration outdoors for all ages (adults included). Tree4Reef promotes the Great Barrier Reef and the value of trees especially near waterways.

MORE INFO, pics & video on Emerald Creek Falls at www.adventuremumma.com

6 FREE Things to do in Cairns - A local's guide

Cairns Lagoon - No 1 spot for FREE swimming, BBQs & WiFi

By Adventure Mumma

17 Nov 2017

There’s no discounting - there’s TONNES of things to do in Cairns, the Adventure Capital of North Queensland. With loads of activities at your fingertips, plus some iconic places to explore (how about the Great Barrier Reef and that World Heritage Rainforest :D ) you’ll be pleased to know that ‘adventuring’ here doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Here's my list of the Top 6 things to do in Cairns for FREE!

No 1. The Cairns Esplanade (1-5 mins from CBD)

I hate to break it to you BUT there is NO BEACH in Cairns, at least not near the CBD anyway. Fortunately, we do have the Cairns Esplanade which makes up for this in bucketloads. It’s a fantastic recreational strip that follows our city’s shoreline and if you visit you'll find yourself hanging out with families, backpackers, birdwatchers, fitness lovers and anyone else who love being outdoors.

Here's my TOP suggestion on the Esplanade:
- Cool Off at the Cairns Lagoon
- Walk the ‘Narde’ via foot power
- Hang out at a Playground
- BYO & cook on a FREE BBQ
- Explore on Wheels – Cruise the ‘Narde via scooter, rollerblades, skateboard or pedal power along the designated bike path (5km round trip).
- Work those Muscles at an Exercise stations
- Join a FREE Fitness ‘Active Living’ class - Aqua Aerobics, Zumba, HIT and meditation
- Fish on the designated fishing jetty (complete with cleaning benches, rod holders and charts to measure your catch, as well as barbies to cook up a feed if you get lucky)

No 2. Visit the Northern Beaches (15-30 minute drive from CBD)

Head north along the Bruce Highway and check out the Cairns Northern Beaches line-up.
Machans, Holloways, Yorkeys and Kewarra – attract the locals.
Trinity Beach and Palm Cove are popular with Tropical North Queensland (TNQ) visitors with a range of accommodation, restaurants and coffee haunts along their esplanade plus watersport options.

No 3. Freshwater Creeks (15 mins – 1 hr drive from CBD)

The creeks and waterfalls of TNQ are easily the best way to cool off around Cairns.

No 4. Cairns Botanic Gardens (15-mins from CBD)

For one of the best exhibitions of  tropical plants in Australia head straight to the Cairns Botanic Gardens for a FREE (and relaxing) day out.

There’s no need to pack a picnic lunch here, you’ll find plenty of café’s to choose from: the waffles at the Botanic Café are legendary, there’s some healthy eats at the Tanks centre and only a short stroll away (5-mins) is Edge Hill, with its great line-up of popular eateries.

No 5. Lake Morris (30-mins drive from CBD)

A drive to Cairns’ natural reservoir is a must. On the way up you’ll get some terrific views of Cairns, skirt through lush tropical rainforest and enjoy the panoramic landscape of the lake and mountains that supplies the township with the best drinking water.

No 6. Rusty’s Market (Cairns CBD)

Rusty’s Market is an easy, central location to peruse what’s locally grown (and made) around the region. Operating every weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), you’ll find fresh coconut milk and cane juice, Vietnamese coffee, legendary samosa’s plus a huge range of tropical fruit and produce available. Be warned though, its difficult to wander around the stalls without parting with a few of your $$$$.

SO, Hopefully my list of 6 FREE things to do in Cairns has got you keen for a visit soon!
You'll find the FULL length blogpost at www.adventuremumma.com with a HEAP more Info and links available on all of the above.....


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