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What is Tourism Town?

Tourism Town is a  marketplace where travellers can view & book a wide variety of interesting attractions tours & events direct from the tourism operator.

Tourism Town regional websites offer holiday makers a more authentic and comprehensive experience when researching and booking a holiday in your region.


For the Tourism Operator.

Set up shop and deal direct with customers just like a traditional marketplace.

Tourism businesses and organisations with a page on Tourism Town can post unlimited offers for all types of tourism experiences.


Who can use Tourism Town

Tourism businesses such as tours, attracrions, accommodation, wildlife parks, spas restaurants, golf courses, bicycle hire & events can all promote and sell their services on the Tourism Town marketplace.


Pricing for Tourism Operators

Tourism Town is not an agent. We are a public marketplace where operators pay a monthly subscription of $55 to set up shop and sell direct.

When you sell an offer on Tourism Town the money goes direct to your bank account using your own stripe account.



Tourism Town allows the tourism industry to easily connect and network through their organisations.

Organisations & businesses signed up to Tourism Town can invite guests to events, promote campaigns and specials and send out general news and alerts at the organisation, industry, destination, member & public level.


How much does it cost?

An organisation profile gives your Tourism business or organisation some exposure and networking tools.

To get the most from Tourism Town you will need to create a product page.  This gives your organisation access to our marketplace and other marketing tools

For Locals

It's free to sign up as an local.

Individuals who sign up to Tourism Town have access to exclusive member deals & events posted by the tourism industry. The deals and events are relevant to the individual member based on their local location and preferences.


Networking For Tourism Organisations & Businesses:

Being linked to an organisation on Tourism Town will give the member access to industry specific events and deals which are relevant to their role in the Organisation.

If the member is assigned a manager role for the organisation or business on Tourism Town they can promote events, deals & news to other members, locals, industry and the general public.

Member Promotions.

The Organisation can promote their exclusive member deals through Tourism Town. As well as appearing on the local member’s dashboards the latest Tourism Deals are sent to locals weekly via e-mail.

Relevant “Member Deals” appear on all member dashboards.

The member has the option to hide future deals from specific organisations from their view.


Local Promotions.

The organisation can promote their local deals & rates using Tourism Town. Locals can opt in to recive a email newsletter featuring all relevant local specials in theri region.


Industry Deals

Tourism organisations and businesses can promote their industry deals & rates using Tourism Town. 


Industry Events

Invite your local tourism industry to an event using Tourism Town.

The event promoter cannot see individuals but can filter the recipients by company, position, business type and location.


Public Deals

Public deals are published on the regional public websites. The public can book direct with the operator using the website.


Public Events

Public events are published on the regional public event websites. The public can book direct with the operator using the website.

Note: The public events websites are separate from the public tourism websites.

They exist on their own regional domains and the user interface and experience has been designed specifically with events in mind. 


Commission Free Bookings

All bookings made through Tourism Town are commission free. We send actual bookings direct to the operator.




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