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See Indigenous performers bring the world’s oldest living culture to life through traditional dance, art and interactive demonstrations.

By day, the park is filled with interactive experiences to give you an authentic insight into Aboriginal culture.

In the Cultural Centre, witness the ancient dreamtime story of the Tjapukai people's belief in the creation of the world through live performance and the world's most technologically advanced visual effects. Gain an understanding into the impacts of the stolen generation and be inspired by Indigenous heroes past and present as you wander through the History and Heroes walk.The Art of My People talk will guide you through a variety of art styles as you learn about the differences between the Aboriginal clans throughout Australia.

Across the lake, join the world famous Tjapukai Aboriginal dancers in a corroboree celebration and fire making ceremony in the Cultural Village.Gain an insight into the gathering and cooking of bush foods and the medicinal values of native plants, learn first hand from a warrior about traditional hunting methods and tribal law. Throw a spear with the help of a traditional milay spear thrower and learn the art of throwing a returning boomerang. Journey through the complex techniques of playing a didgeridoo, then be tantalised by the smell of the meat being unearthed from the Bayngga underground oven and enjoy a delicious taste test.

A sumptuous buffet lunch with native tastes and fresh salads is available in the Flame Tree restaurant, while being entertained by our vibrant Tjapukai performers.

Enhance your day at Tjapukai with our talented artists and make your own souvenirs, creating natural rainforest style jewellery, intricate weaving and painting your own returning boomerang in traditional Aboriginal style. In addition, journey through the parklands with an Indigenous Guided Bush Food Walk learning about native plants and their culinary and medicinal significance. Finish with a taste of native fruit jams with damper and billy tea overlooking the lake.

Our Indigenous performers bring the world’s oldest living culture to life through traditional cultural events, dance, art and interactive demonstration.

General admission includes:
Creation Story
Art of My People
Tjapukai Aboriginal Dance Performance
Bush Foods and Medicines Presentation
Hunting and Weapons Demonstration
Didgeridoo Show
Boomerang and Spear Throwing

Adult $55.80
Child $37.80
Family $149.40

The 09:15 and 13:00 Arrival Times are linked to Bus Pickups, however if you are making your own way to Tjapukai, feel free to arrive at anytime between 09:15 and 16:00.