2019 Night Sky Secrets Astronomy Dinner Tours!

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Never been on astronomy tours? Now is the time to book! Join our unique tours and delve deep into the hidden mysteries of the Southern Sky! A never to be forgotten journey of the night sky! ** The Official 2019 Tour Season is now underway & we are taking bookings **

NightSkySecrets have been conducting astronomy tours & presentations across Northern Australia since 2009. Our specialty is tours featuring an aboriginal perspective on the southern skies and viewing the deep sky through large Aperture Telescopes.

We welcome you to join us under the clear Dark Tableland Skies to discover the hidden mysteries of the night Sky. Our tour begins with a hot dinner at sunset is followed by a guided tour of the constellations & deep sky objects, including viewing through our large Aperture telescopes.

Tours are conducted to coincide with a moonless or near moonless sky and sometimes special celestial events such as planetary conjunctions, Comets, Nova Stars and more. The tours are self drive Tag-A-long & and we give a locals discount! So come along on one of our unique tours and delve deep into the hidden mysteries of the Southern Sky.

We meet at the junction of Kay Rd & the kennedy Hwy, bookings esential. Contact us to book now.

**2019 Upcoming Potential Astronomy Dinner Tour Dates**
April: First Tour - Wed 24th | Fri 26th | Mon 29th
May: Wed 1st | Fri 3rd | Monday 6th | Wed 8th | Fri 24th | Mon 27th | Wed 29th | Fri 31st
June: Mon 3rd | Wed 5th | Fri 21st | Mon 24th | Wed 26th | Fri 28th
July: Mon1st | Wed 3rd | Fri 5th | Mon 22nd | Wed 24th | Fri 26th | Mon 29th | Wed 31st
August: Wed 20th | Fri 22nd | Mon 25th | Wed 27th | FNQ Astro CampFri 30th & Sat 31st
September: Wed 18th | Fri 20th | Mon 23rd | Wed 25th | Fri 27th | Mon 30th
October: Wed 16th | Fri 18th | Mon 21st | Wed 23rd | Fri 25th | Mon 28th
November: Fri 15th | Mon 18th | Wed 20th | Fri 22nd | Mon 25th | Last Tour- Wed 27th