Crocosaurus Cove | Swim with a Crocodile

Duration | 15 Minutes
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When you are in Darwin, don't miss the chance to come face to face with Australia's legendary Saltwater Crocodiles at Crocosaurus Cove, conveniently located in the heart of Darwin city. 

Experience the ultimate face-to-face crocodile encounter as you are carefully lowered in to the water with a large saltwater crocodile. This 15-minute encounter will leave you in awe of these modern-day dinosaurs.
Don't worry! The 4cm thick acrylic cage offers between you and these impressive creatures.

Experience Features

  • 15 Minute Crocodile Encounter
  • Entry into Crocosaurus Cove
  • Lockers Provided
  • Change Rooms available

The Crocosaurus Cove Experience
Crocosaurus Cove is home to some of Australia's most impressive reptiles, including the notorious Saltwater Crocodile, affectionately known as "saltys." What sets this place apart is the chance to get into a special acrylic tube and share the water with these prehistoric giants.

The Cage of Death
Despite its ominous name, the Cage of Death is far from deadly. It's a clear acrylic tube, a robust 4cm thick and about 3 meters high. Suspended on rails, it extends over four massive crocodile enclosures, allowing you to descend into the water with these awe-inspiring creatures.

Face to Face with Giants
Once you're submerged in the water, you'll find yourself just inches away from Saltwater Crocodiles, some exceeding 4.5 meters in length. It's an adrenaline-pumping experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Your safety is paramount. There's an emergency stop chain inside the tube should anything go amiss. At the tube's base, a mesh square permits water to enter, allowing you to dip into the tube and swim.

As you descend into the enclosure, you'll get an up-close view of these incredible creatures. The experience lasts 15 minutes, and at the 10-minute mark, it's feeding time! A piece of chicken dangles enticingly next to the tube, and when the crocodile takes the bait, you'll hear the jaw-snapping sound as it clamps down with over a tonne of pressure.

After this heart-pounding encounter, you'll be lifted out of the water and over the other enclosures. When you return to your starting point, the cage roof opens, and a ladder descends to facilitate your safe exit.

Getting this close to a crocodile is a surreal experience, and emerging from it unscathed is a story you'll be sharing for years to come.

Finding Crocosaurus Cove
You'll discover Crocosaurus Cove in the heart of Darwin, specifically on Mitchell Street, which is known for its vibrant nightlife and dining scene. It's an adventure conveniently located in the city.

So, if you're seeking an unforgettable adventure and a chance to face your fears, the Cage of Death at Crocosaurus Cove is an experience you won't want to miss during your visit to Darwin, Australia.

Crocosaurus Cove Massive Reptile Display
Your 15 minute swim with a crocodile experience also includes full-day entry to Crocosaurus Cove, so you can explore the many other fascinating exhibits and activities at your leisure.Get ready to witness the largest display of Australian reptiles in the world, showcasing the incredible diversity of these unique creatures.

Session Times
Cage of Death sessions run between 9:30 am and 5:00 pm daily, providing ample opportunities to fit this thrilling encounter into your schedule.

Group Size
Each session can accommodate up to 2 participants, allowing for a more intimate and personalized experience.

Minimum Age
Participants must be at least 15 years old. Those aged 15 to 17 must be accompanied by an adult or someone over 18 years of age.

Check-in Time
Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your confirmed session time for a safety briefing to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience.

There are showers and changing rooms on the 1st level of Crocosaurus Cove, making it convenient for you to freshen up after your encounter. Lockers are provided for storing your belongings.

Capture the Moment
A professional photographer will document your experience, capturing underwater highlights, over 50 still images, and 8 postcards of your favorite moments can be purchased on the day.

  • 1 Print | $39.95
  • 2 Prints | $65.95
  • 3 Prints | $89.95
  • 100+ phots on USB + 3 Prints $119.95

Crocosaurus Cove is located on the corner of Mitchell & Peel Street. Darwin.
Open Daily | 9am - 6pm