Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas

Duration | Open from 8am - 4pm
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Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas offers visitors with a chance to get up close a huge range of iconic Australian animals in their recreated natural environments. Open daily from 8am to 4pm.

Cuddle a Koala, meet pythons, crocodiles, amazing Australian birds and hand-feed kangaroos? Meet the endangered Southern Cassowary and Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo & get up close and personal with Estaurine Crocodiles on our new Predator Plank.

Daily Tour Schedule

  • 09.00am | Wetlands Stork keeper Talk - Wetlands
  • 09.15am | Feature Creature Wildlife photos 
  • 10.00am | Cassowary Feeding Presentation
  • 10.45am | Koala keeper Talk – Koala enclosure
  • 11.00am | Feature Creature Wildlife photos
  • 11.30am | Reptile  keeper talk  - CrocArena
  • 11.45am |  Saltwater Crocodile feed – CrocArena
  • 12.30pm | Interactive Tropical Bird Experience – Wetlands Cafe
  • 01.00pm | Feature Creature wildlife photos
  • 02.00pm | Rainforest birds Feeding talk - Rainforest
  • 03.30pm | Kangaroo & Pelican Feeding talk - Savannah
  • 04.00pm | Park closes


  • Curlew Cafe
  • Free Wi-fi
  • Gift and Souvenir Shop
  • Wheelchair hire (no charge)
  • Baby change facilities
  • Stroller hire ($10 hire fee)
  • Standard Admission is a 5 consecutive day entry pass

Located on Port Douglas Road

Open 7 Days: 8.00am – 4.00pm
(except Christmas Day)

Wheelchair hire (no charge). Wildlife Habitat and all its facilities are wheelchair accessible, with the exception of the Stork Tower, the Birdseye Bridge and the Predator Plank.

The Five Habitats of Wildlife Habitat

Woodland Habitat
The Woodland Habitat offers an opportunity to sit amongst the richly coloured birds of northern Australia’s open woodlands. Marvel at the complexity of the locally endangered and endemic finches, watch woodswallows swooping overhead and search for the smallest species that live in the undergrowth, from quail to the endangered Northern Bettong.

Wetlands Habitat
In the Wetlands an array of wading birds can be viewed foraging for fish and crustaceans in the waterways.

This area depicts the amazing diversity of our natural wetlands that are important fringing areas and provide a link to many ecosystems.

In this area, you will find a multitude of bird species – including the black-necked stork – as well as fruit bats, koalas and ‘The Hut’.

Rainforest Habitat
Discover the stunning rainforest, from the ground levels to the uppermost canopy in our newly renovated Rainforest Habitat.

Opened in September 2020, this incredible exhibit is home to some the most colourful residents of our tropical region, including the endangered Southern Cassowary, the stunning Eclectus Parrot and the mesmerising Rainbow Lorikeet.

Explore the various levels of the rainforest as you walk up the brand new Licuala Tower. Brave the sky-high birdseye bridge and watch colourful birds soar through the highest level of the rainforest canopy.

See the endangered Southern Cassowary, with its vivid blue neck, vibrant red wattles, and striking black feathers. This species is endemic to Tropical North Queensland and inhabits the Wet Tropics region, and World Heritage listed Daintree Rainforest.

Savannah Habitat
The Savannah is an open-air exhibit that portrays both inland and coastal plains. Here guests are enticed to interact with and hand-feed a range of macropods from the statuesque Eastern Grey Kangaroo to the petite Parma Wallaby. Emus and Pelicans also freely range this large and open area. A feature to our Savannah Exhibit is the Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo, a rare tree-climbing kangaroo found only in the rainforests of The Wet Tropics.

The billabong is home to turtles, frogs and a range of waterfowl while also attracting a host of native bird varieties. Over forty species have been recorded utilising the exhibit as a refuge for breeding.

The Savannah is also home to our Predator Plank, the world’s first plank walk over giant Estaurine Crocodiles! Guests can see Babinda, our giant Estaurine crocodile and his three girlfriends.

Nocturnal Habitat

Ever wondered what animals come alive after dark? The brand new Nocturnal Habitat allows you to enter a world after dark and explore recreated night environments and meet the animals that call them home.

Integrated with advanced technology, this unique habitat replicates nature at night. Our animals experience a reverse-circadian rhythm due to incredible lighting devices, which makes them experience “night time” during our “daytime”. This means that we can see what these animals really get up to at their most active!

Venture through Starlight Walk, get up close and personal with elusive and exciting animal species including Striped Possums, Bettongs and Mahogany Gliders.

Enter a world after dark and see tiny nocturnal marsupials including Spinifex Hopping Mice and Feathertail Gliders. Listen to the haunting cry of the Curlew and experience a night time rainforest environment in a safe and secure manner.

Swim with the Salties
Get ready to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush and dive into the aquatic territory with the mighty saltwater crocodiles at Wildlife Habitat's Swim with the Salties Experience. The ultimate in wildlife interaction, this extreme wildlife encounter permits you to swim with giant apex predators in a 180-degree clear swim spa. This spine-tingling sensation is as real as it gets. Located at CrocArena at Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas, you will be in breathtaking awe as our huge 4 meter + crocs lurk either side of you. Swim just centimetres from these enormous reptiles and marvel at their sheer power and size as you witness their incredible strength, agility and bone crushing power.

Croc Feed Experience
Feel the sheer force of nature as you undertake this exhilarating 30-minute activity offering a rare chance to feed a 4.5 metre Saltwater Crocodile.
Wildlife Habitat  Croc Keepers will guide you through everything you need to know about Saltwater Crocodiles. Despite their size and power, the world's largest reptiles exhibit an engaging mix of strength and grace during feeding times. Prepare to be amazed by the power of their jaws, their ingenious hunting methods, and their tenacity for survival. Learn all about the intriguing details, that paint a complete picture of this remarkable species. This private encounter allows you to ask all the fascinating questions you have about these captivating creatures in a safe, educational, and fun environment. 

Free parking is available in the Wildlife Habitat carpark.

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Marisa Pignone

A great way to start the day especially as my husband is a birdlover. He also has special dietary requirements which were accomodated and not a problem.


Nick Pettitt

Always a winner for us. This was our third time. We always take visitors to this experience and they always love it.


Cynthia Dir

Fantastic experience and a beautiful setting for the breakfast. The food was also fabulous. My husband and I joked that if were birds we would love to live there. the enclosures are well maintained and not over crowded as well. Great day.

We are located on Port Douglas Road at the entrance to Port Douglas with local shuttle buses operating regularly from Cairns, the Northern Beaches and Port Douglas to our front door.
Every day except Christmas Day
8.00am – 5.00pm