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Green Island Cairns

Green Island Cairns

Green Island is a beautiful 6000 year old coral cay located in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, just 27km offshore from Cairns, and one of the most popular destinations on the Great Barrier Reef for visitors coming to Far North Queensland.

A ferry trip to Green Island only takes 45 minutes, it makes for a great day out or convenient half day experience.

Green Island Resort

Green Island Resort

Green Island Resort is a luxury haven, with just 46 suites that are nestled within the rainforest on the small coral cay and cleverly secluded from the day visitor facilities. 

There are two styles of accommodation - Reef Suites and Island Suites.

The Reef Suite is perfect for honeymooners and couples looking for a romantic escape.  These split-level luxury suites are spacious in size and features a large king size bed, spacious lounge area, separate bath, shower and private balcony.

The Island Suite is spacious at 56 square metres. Featuring a king bed, separate bath and shower, and private balcony. The Island Twin Room features two double beds and provides an ideal tropical island family escape.

Green Island Resort has been awarded Advanced Ecotourism Certification for preservation and their commitment to the island’s surrounding rainforest and reef, and the management of this eco-sensitive resort.

The 45 minute walk around Green Island is a popular choice for resort guests. The Eco-walk and walking around the Island are the best way to experience the magic that lives amongst Green Island including the native plant life, the diversity of birds, insects and other wildlife that make Green Island home.

Special Family Pricing

Green Island Families

We offer special rates for families on all Green Island Ferry & Day Tour experiences. All of our family rates are based on the following: 

  • Infants (3 Years & Under) travel free
  • Children (4 - 14 years) Half Price
  • Family (2 Adults & 2 Children) 1 Child travels free

Family pricing may change slightly depending on the tour options you choose. ​Please check the booking form for up to date family pricing for your group.

Green Island Ferry

Great Adventures Ferry to Green Island

The Great Adventures Green Island Ferry departs Cairns 3 times daily. Your journey to Great Island takes only 45 minutes.
You can choose the Eco (Snorkeling or Glass Bottom Boat) or the Discovery (Snorkeling & Glass Bottom Boat)

Cairns to Green Island Departures

  • 8.30am (Check in at 8.00am)
  • 10.30am (Check in at 10.00am)
  • 12.30am (Check in at 12.00pm)

Green Island to Cairns Departures

  • 12.00pm (Check in at 11.30am)
  • 2.30pm (Check in at 2.00pm)
  • 4.30pm (Check in at 4.00pm)

Great Adventures Green Island Ferry Features

  • Return on air-conditioned, fast catamaran
  • Snorkel equipment 
  • Glass Bottom Boat coral reef viewing tour
  • Up to 7 hours on Green Island
  • Morning tea and coffee served until departure from Cairns
  • Use of Island swimming pool exclusive for Great Adventures guests.

Big Cat Green Island Day Tour

Big Cat Green Island

Big Cat is a comfortable air-conditioned 35 metre catamaran with spacious interior cabins and a relaxed atmosphere. Travel time to Green Island is just 45 minutes from Cairns. Big Cat Green Island offers a full day on Green Island.

Cairns to Green Island Departures 

  • 9.00am (Check in at 8.30am)

Green Island to Cairns Departure 

  • 5.00pm (Check in at 4.30pm)

Package Options

Pak 1:  Return ferry transfers, Glass Bottom Boat OR Snorkel equipment
Pak 2:  Return ferry transfers, Glass Bottom Boat OR Snorkel equipment and Hot/Cold Buffet lunch
Pak 3:  Return ferry transfers, Glass Bottom Boat OR Snorkel equipment and Semi-Submersible
Pak 4:  Return ferry transfers, Glass Bottom Boat OR Snorkel equipment, Hot/Cold Buffet lunch and Semi-Submersible

Green Island Reef Rocket Ferry

Green Island Reef Rocket Ferry

Reef Rocket is a modern, comfortable, air-conditioned, high speed catamaran.  Travel time to Green Island is 45 minutes from Cairns.

Reef Rocket Cairns to Green Island Options

9.00am - 1.00pm (Check in at 8.30am)
11.00am - 5.00 pm (Check in at 10.30am)
1.00pm - 5.00pm (Check in at 12.30pm)


Things to do on Green Island

Things to do on Green Island

For a small island, there are so many activities and things to do on Green Island. These include snorkelling, swimming, and scuba diving, parasailing or exploring the island further with a self-guided island walk.

If you are unable to swim or have small children, you can view the reef by glass bottom boat or semi submarine. If you want a less active day, perhaps visit the Marineland Melanesia which is home to Cassius the world’s largest Crocodile in captivity. Shopping is also an option at the island resort shop and boutiques, or spoil yourself at, Oiled, the Green Island Massage centre.

Being so easily accessible, Green Island is one of the most popular destinations on the Great Barrier Reef for visitors coming to Cairns and Far North Queensland. Green Island and the surrounding coral reef are a protected World Heritage Site, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. 

Green Island Self Guided Boardwalk

Green Island Self Guided Boardwalk

The Green Island Boardwalk is a leisurely 1.3km return taking less than an hour. The boardwalk access takes you through the national park forest to the south-east beach.

A self-guided island walk brochure is available from the information centre for visitors to explore Green Island at their own pace.

A map available from the information centre will point you in the right direction to start your self-guided Eco Walk. This trail guides you to numbered locations that explore the history of the island and informative facts about some of the 126 native species of plant life on Green Island.

The walk has been voted one of Queensland’s top bushwalks in the state giving people the opportunity to spot some of the 28 species of forest birds and 35 species of seabirds that live on the Island. The Eco walk takes less than one hour and the map is available in six different languages.

Snorkeling on Green Island

Snorkeling on Green Island

All Green Island Ferry options include snorkelling equipment so you can experience the beauty of the coral reef only metres off the beach. 

The waters around Green Island are home to a large population of sea turtles who are often found swimming in the seagrass and reefs close to the island shore.

Snorkelling Equipment includes a Mask, Snorkel and Fins

Lycra Suits and Floatation Vests are available for hire atthe Dive Centre or can be organised on the ferry.

On your journey to Green Island safe snorkelling tips are given, and a patrolled swimming area is provided on the northern side of the island near the beach hire hut.

Beach Hire

Beach Hire

Green Island Beach HireHire of water sports equipment such as canoes and windsurfers, lockers, towels and umbrellas are available through the resort and beach hire hut. 


Marineland Melanesia

Marineland Melanesia Green Island

Marineland Melanesia is a unique attraction on Green Island; home to over 50 crocodiles, marine aquariums with coral, fish, giant sea turtles, and a magnificent range of tribal carvings. Also displayed are a number of old and restored marine artefacts and stationary engines.

This family owned and operated business has been a popular tourist attraction operating on Green Island since the early 1960’s. Located just a short stroll along the path to the left of the jetty, look out for the iconic shipwreck entrance and gift shop. See exciting crocodile shows, you can even have your photo taken holding a baby crocodile! Marineland Melanesia is also home to Cassius - the largest crocodile in captivity. 

Dining Options on Green Island

Dining Options on Green Island

The Canopy Grill
The Canopy Grill offers quick service and is a good option for families with young children. Offering Burgers, hot dogs & fish and chips, or café style wraps. Open daily from 09:30 to 15:30.

Emeralds Restaurant
Emeralds Restaurant offers air-conditioned or outdoor a la carte dining from 10am. Breakfast is also available up to 10.30am.

Big Cat Buffet (for passengers of the Big Cat Ferry)
Must be pre-booked with your Big Cat Ferry ticket. A delicious buffet lunch is served aboard ‘Big Cat’ at Green Island for those who have chosen this option. 

Greens Buffet
Green Island’s enclosed food court dining area offer guests a delicious buffet or a meal purchased from one of the island’s food outlets including the Canopy Grill or Lite Bites in this lunch retreat amid the rainforest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Green Island FAQ

How far away is Green Island from Cairns?
Green Island is located 27km offshore from Cairns, within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

How long does it take  to get there?
Ferry transfers take just 45 minutes. Ideal for those who are short of time and looking for a quick getaway, or for those who are sensitive to the motion of the ocean, after a quick ferry ride you'll be on dry land where all reef & island activities take place.

When is the best time to visit?
Situated in the tropics the climate is favourable year round, making it suitable for water activities anytime. The warm waters range in temperature from 22-29 Celsius (75-85 Fahrenheit).

Is Green Island suitable for my family?
Green Island is an easy trip for people of all ages. The half day options are ideal for small children, infants, babies and the elderly. The facilities on the island provide ease and convenience.

Can I bring my own lunch?
Yes you can bring your own packed lunch or choose to dine at one of the various food outlets. Some tour operators include lunch in their package rates.

Is the island wheelchair accessible?
Green Island is accessible for wheelchairs, please advise on booking as not all vessels offer wheelchair facilities. Once on the island wide paved or timber walkways allow for wheelchair access and there are disabled toilets.

Is it safe to swim?
Yes you can swim or snorkel straight off the beach. This is ideal for beginner snorkellers providing the opportunity to gain confidence in the water. The main beach area is patrolled by Surf Lifesaving Queensland lifeguards

Are there Marine Stingers at Green Island?
It's very rare but, Jellyfish season is generally between November to May, during this time it is advised to wear a stinger suit when entering the water to avoid any 'bites' or stings.

Will I see turtles?
There is a high chance you will get to see a turtle. The sea grasses surrounding Green Island are a popular feeding ground for green sea turtles, they can be frequently spotted from the jetty.

What happens if it's raining?
Trips still operate to Green Island even if it's raining. In most cases you'll find that it'll be raining in Cairns and clear & fine at the reef, as the rain tends to draw towards the mountains.

Green Island History

Green Island History

Green Island is a 12 hectare coral cay that is over 6000 years old. A coral cay is a sandy island formed on the surface of the coral reef over thousands of years.

The Island was the result of the ocean currents build-up of sand and coral rubble deposited on the calm side of the platform reef, and is now the only coral cay on the Great Barrier Reef that is covered in rainforest!

Green Island became a national park in 1937, a marine park in 1974 and protected as part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area in 1981. The Great Barrier Reef has over 400 types of corals and 1,500 species of fish. It is common for visitors to Green Island to swim only metres away from Green and Hawksbill turtles just off the beach, which are endangered species. The island also has a wide diversity of bird and insect life which live inside the tropical vine forest that covers the island. 

The Aboriginal people, the Gungandi people know the island as Wunyami. They still maintain a close connection to the island and reef which were used as an initiation ground for young men in the past.

News By Green Island Cairns

Rare dugong sighting at Green Island

dugong sighting at Green Island

By Green Island Cairns

14 Jul 2022

A group of very excited scuba divers with Great Adventures Cruises at Green Island were treated to a rare encounter with a young adult dugong.. Estimated to be around 2 metres in length, this was the first dugong sighting recorded by Great Adventures divers at Green Island in several years. It was also the first ever sighting for videographer Dan (DD) Liu and two very lucky introductory divers on holiday from Ballarat Victoria.

“It was so exciting to see! He was very curious swimming near us as the group were diving on a nearby coral bommie. He came close within about 4 metres, swimming away and then coming back for another look before swimming off over the seagrass beds,” said DD 

Dugongs, often called sea cows, as they graze shallow seagrass meadows (eating up to 40kg a day!) are found across the tropical belt in Australia. They reach a length of 3 metres, live up to 70 years of age and can weigh as much as 400kg.

“Dugongs are fascinating mammals, sharing a common ancestor with elephants, and early sailors are believed to have confused them for mythical mermaids,” said Quicksilver Group Environment Compliance Manager, Doug Baird.

“They are most closely related to the manatee, their northern hemisphere relative. They resemble a large dolphin but lack a dorsal fin and have an upper lip covered in thick bristles.  They are well designed for aquatic life, with nostrils situated on top of their heads so they can breathe, and have a large, strong tail that propels them through the water. Their eyes and ears are on the side of their heads. Although their eyesight is poor, they have an acute sense of hearing.”

Dugong are threatened on a worldwide scale and in Australia, are a protected species under various legislation including the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Act 1975.

This important sighting will be reported to GBRMPA’s Eye on the Reef monitoring program contributing valuable information about these endangered creatures as well as the long-term protection and management of the reef.

Official launch for new Wunyami Cultural Walking Tour

By Green Island Cairns

14 Jul 2022

The Gunggandji and Yidinji Traditional Owners have commenced Wunyami Cultural Walking Tours, providing an authentic indigenous experience for visitors to Green Island.

The Wunyami Cultural Walking Tour is 100% indigenous owned and operated. It’s a wonderful addition to the island experience bringing traditional stories to life and a whole new perspective to the cultural history. Wunyami, which means “Place of Spirits” is Green Island’s original name. 

Participants learn about traditional food and medicinal uses of the rainforest plants, participate in traditional fire lighting techniques and can learn about cultural importance of clay painting. 

Elders Gudju Gudju Fourmile and Garth Murgha (Muka) say,” Our guides explain how the island is connected to an ancient journey of two ancestorial story-time beings who fought and formed the island and who still protect it today. This story is shared by the GuruGulu Gunggandji people (Yarrabah) and the Gimuy Yidinji people (Cairns). Our guides tell of the relationship of these warriors and the connectivity of this iconic island to the ancient seascape.”

Guides have been given special permission from their elders to share the stories of the island and the Great Barrier Reef with all who come on this tour.

The new business venture also includes the Black Seahorse gift shop which has opened in Green Island Resort’s day visitor area, selling a range of authentic indigenous artworks and merchandise. The shop draws its name from the Black Seahorse, a known lucky charm for the saltwater women of the Great Barrier Reef in memory of Alma Fourmile (nee Patterson Katchewan).

The Wunyami Cultural Walking Tour are available daily and takes approximately 1 hour. Tours can be booked at the Black Seahorse gift shop on the island. 

Green Island Cairns Reviews


Heidi Antonini

Had a great day ,the crew were awesome. The Island and the reef were beautiful. Couldn't fault a thing everything was perfect. Thankyou Great Adventures for a perfect stress free day out.


Rajani Satish

Any words used to describe this place would be too less Once in a life time experience I've had here One of my most favourite place Hope I would get another opportunity to go here


Green Island Cairns

all Green Island Day Trips depart from the Cairns City Marina. Check in to the Reef Fleet Terminal to obtain your boarding pass. Boarding is 30 minutes prior to departure time.

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