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Outer Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard

Reef Accommodation on the Outer Great Barrier Reef

Come and join us for the adventure of a lifetime diving the magnificent Outer Barrier Reef with Cairns' leading dive operator.

​Wake up to watch the sun rise over the Great Barrier Reef. This is exactly what you will experience when staying overnight on-board our liveaboard vessel OceanQuest. With daily departures via our fast transfer vessel SeaQuest, we can offer flexible itineraries from a single night stay to multiple nights on The Great Barrier Reef.

Snorkelers Welcome
Snorkelling is the easiest way to discover the Great Barrier Reef, it is as simple as breathing. If you have never snorkelled before, don't worry, a briefing is held on board, explaining how to put on and use the snorkelling gear. All of the snorkelling equipment you will require is supplied as part of your stay with OceanQuest, including a wetsuit or stinger suit. Prescription masks are also available upon request.

The Vessel

Ocean Quest Vessel

OceanQuest is a 36 metre catamaran over 3 decks with the capacity to sleep 48 customers overnight.

There is a large lounge area on the wheelhouse deck with a bar where you can relax and kick back after a long days diving. The main deck has a large dining room capable of comfortably seating 48 passengers.


  • 4 x Double bed Staterooms with ocean views
  • 18 x Twin share 2x single beds. Ocean views (with the exception of 3 cabins)
  • 1 x Multishare 4x single beds

All cabins feature:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Private en-suite bathroom
  • TV
  • Australian electricity outlets

Available Stays on OceanQest

  • 2 Day 1 Night
  • 3 Day 2 Night
  • 4 Day 3 Night


  • SCUBA & Snorkel equipment
  • Wetsuits, dive computer
  • Air fills
  • Fresh chilled water
  • Tea & coffee
  • All meals onboard
  • Prescription masks

Extras Onboard

  • Nitrox Fills
  • ​Snacks (CHOC/CHIPS ETC)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • SCUBA Guide ($15 per dive)
  • Introductory SCUBA
  • Photo purchases
  • Digital camera hire
  • Souvenirs

2 Day 1 Night Itinerary

OceanQuest Itinerary

Day One - 4 Dives

  • 07:30am - 08:00am pick up from your Cairns city accommodation
  • 8.00am Board a fast modern transfer boat for 90 minute transfer to Outer Barrier Reef
  • Equipment selection
  • 2 dives before transferring to your Liveaboard at 2.30pm
  • Afternoon dive and night dive
  • Lunch and dinner

Day Two - 4 Dives

  • Three day dives
  • One night dive
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Departure Day - 3 Dives

  • Breakfast and lunch is included
  • 3.00pm Depart Outer Barrier Reef
  • Return to your accommodation approx. 5pm


Snorkelling on OceanQuest

Snorkelling is the easiest way to discover the Great Barrier Reef, it is as simple as breathing. If you have never snorkelled before, don't worry, a briefing is held on board, explaining how to put on and use the snorkelling gear.

All of the snorkelling equipment you will require is supplied as part of your trip, including a wetsuit or stinger suit. Prescription masks are also available upon request.

Introductory Diving

Introductory Diving On OceanQuest

Introductory diving is a great way to experience the exhilaration of diving without taking a full PADI Open Water Course. The PADI Discover SCUBA is a non-certification program. During your cruise out to the Great Barrier Reef our experienced SCUBA Instructors will clearly guide you through all the skills involved.

The briefing covers all the procedures that will make your day not only safe but an unforgettable experience. You can pre-book a package of 5 Intro Dives on OceanQuest and subject to availability and trip duration you may be able to add more once on board.

Minimum age for intro-diving is 12 years.

Certified Diving

Certified Diving on OceanQuest

Experience the Great Barrier Reef Diving the best way - on a Liveaboard. Our daily departures and flexible trips make this the easiest way to log some serious bottom time in with more than 1,000 different species of fish and many more creatures. Each full day on the Liveaboard offer you a chance to do up to 5 dives.

From an early morning dive getting to watch the reef 'wake up' through to the exhilaration of splashing after dark and seeing some of the nocturnal critters. We also offer the chance to participate in a Fluoro Dive. New in 2017 - Nitrox fills and Courses available.

Fluoro Diving - Exclusive to Divers Den, Cairns

Fluoro Diving - Exclusive to Divers Den, Cairns

This spectacular dive extravaganza brings the reef to life with a range of amazing colours. Bio Fluorescent Diving is available exclusively to Deep Sea Divers Den on board OceanQuest for only $50 per dive, including specialist torches and mask filters which create amazing fluorescent underwater landscapes. Fluoro Diving offers a truly unique and magical experience on the Great Barrier Reef!

Fluorescence is the emission of light by a substance that has absorbed light or other electromagnetic radiation. It is a form of luminescence. In most cases, the emitted light has a longer wavelength, and therefore lower energy, than the absorbed radiation. Fluorescence occurs when an orbital electron of a molecule, atom or nano-structure relaxes back to its ground state, thereby emitting a photon of light, after being excited to a higher quantum state by some type of energy. In our case, we are "hitting" an organism with higher energy light (relatively) in the near-actinic range, and lower energy light (relatively) in the green, yellow and red portion of the spectrum is being emitted. The actual color emitted is determined by how many quantum states the electron has "decayed" or relaxed back to.

​When energy (UV or violet/blue light in our example) strikes an atom, it knocks an electron up to a higher energy state. When the electron decays back to its normal state (usually instantly, after a few nanoseconds), it emits a photon of light (in the more visible, lower energy part of the spectrum in our example).

Things to kniow before you book

Things to kniow before you book OceanQuest

Flying and altitude after diving:
We recommend waiting a minimum 24 hours befor flying.

Scuba Diving Medical Forms
If you are SCUBA diving you will be asked to fill out and sign a Medical Form.
Medical Standards differ from country to country, certain medication / medical conditions may preclude you from diving in Australia.

OceanQuest Liveaboard from Cairns Reviews


Cyndy Mombelli

This trip was AMAZING!!..... All the crew were fabulous! super friendly and helpful!!!! and very patient!!!!!. The whole trip was really well organised, we always knew exactly what we were going to do and where we were going. Ocean quest is a really comfortable, roomy ship, great food and comfortable cabins. Plenty of room on the dive deck and great equipment. We were not disappointed by any of the dive sites!!! Absolutely beautiful!!... and of course the stars of the show.... the Minke Whales!!! Plenty of them showed up and entertained us all!!!!... would highly recommend doing this trip!!!!


Sabrina Donato

3 amazing Days with an amazing Crew! A big thank you to the whole Crew of Divers Den! You made my trip so amazing! I stayed 3 Days with you Guys and every single day was such an adventure! I was impressed how crazy organized everything was! Safety first always and still with so much fun! Specially i want to say thanks to Dan and Anthony i hope you get your Instructor Certificate soon! You did an amazing job and you deserve it! I felt so safe with you and we had so much fun! Also Oli the Supervisor on Board we loved your announcement! My trip with you could not be better! Everything was clean the food was amazing and I’m looking forward to come again with you guys!!! Thanks again i loved it!!!


OceanQuest Liveaboard from Cairns

divers Den is located at 319 Draper St, Cairns. OceanQuest will provide a shuttle from your Cairns accommodation, pick up is between 07:30 and 08:00. Once at Deep Sea Facility we will finalise any paperwork and arrange storage for any excess luggage. Then it is off to the Cairns Marlin Marina where our transfer vessel SeaQuest awaits to take you away to your snorkelling/diving adventure.

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