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Fitzroy Island is just a 45 minute cruise from Cairns on the modern Sunlover catamaran. Fitzroy Island is surrounded by a beautiful fringing Reef system that forms part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Passengers travel on-board a large air-conditioned catamaran, which departs daily from the Reef Fleet Terminal.

Fitzroy Island, one of the most unspoilt destinations on the Great Barrier Reef, is rugged with diverse landscapes featuring granite outcrops, open woodlands, rainforest, mangroves and coral beaches.

Sunlover Cruises Fitzroy Island Day Trip

The Fitzroy Island Day Tour Includes:

Spend the day snorkelling the fringing coral reefs, strolling through the National Park rainforest walking tracks, or for the more adventurous hiker, discover breathtaking views of the island and surrounding reefs.

There are hiking trails and guided walks as well as numerous water sports options available.

Fitzroy Island Day Trip Features

  • Modern air-conditioned catamaran transfers
  • Self-guided rainforest walks
  • Access to day visitor facilities

The Itinerary



Your Day on Fitzroy Island
Sunlover departs daily from Cairns Marina. 

7:30am - Check in starts 
8:30am - Check in closes
8:45am - Depart Cairns Marina 
9:30am - Arrive Fitzroy Island 
4:00pm - Depart Fitzroy Island 
4:45pm - Arrive back at Cairns Marina

Snorkelling on Fitzroy Island

Snorkelling on Fitzroy Island

Snorkelling and swimming areas are accessible at Welcome Bay and Nudey Beach.

Snorkelling offers the perfect opportunity to explore the beautiful colours of the fringing reef and the marine life which include Nemo the clown fish and green sea turtles.

The Sunlover cruises Fitzroy Island Day trip does not include snorkelling gear. If you have your own snorkeling gear, bring it along.

You can also hire snorkelling equipment for the day, on the island, at the Beach Shack just to the right of the jetty or from the resort dive shop.

Walking Trails at Fitzroy Island

Walking Trails at Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island National Park offers some amazing walking opportunities for visitors. Walking is one of the best ways to explore and experience the different rainforest flora and fauna on the Island.
There are five main walking trails in Fitzroy Island National Park that range from 30 minutes to 3 hours, each at varying fitness levels.

Secret Garden Track - 1km return (45 minutes)
The track takes you for a pleasant walk from the western edge of the jetty through tropical rainforest around huge granite boulders. Interpretive signs and a viewing platform overlooking the creek valley provide informative facts on the surrounding rainforest plants and animals.

Nudey Beach track – 1.2 km return (45 minutes)
A relatively easy walk from the western edge of the jetty through tropical rainforest and coast woodlands leading to the beautiful white coral beach. Nudey Beach is the most popular place for swimming and snorkelling on the Island.

Boulder Lookout - 300m return (30 minutes)
Heading east from the back of the jetty, you will find the boulder lookout trail. This short steep climb through the rainforest with its many steps is also the first section of the summit track. The Boulder lookout offers panoramic views towards Cape Grafton and Cairns. The walk returns along the same track back to the jetty.

Lighthouse Road - 3.6km return (2 hours) 
The lighthouse road trail is a very steep concrete road that leads from the north-eastern end of Welcome Bay climbing through rainforest towards the lighthouse. You will come across a lookout during your ascent with offers views of the Northern side of the island on a clear day.

The base of the lighthouse (open when a ranger is on duty), contains an informative display of the maritime history of Fitzroy Island and how the lighthouse was used during the World War II. From the lighthouse you will discover spectacular 360 degree views of Fitzroy Island and the surrounding ocean, which make the difficult walk worth the effort.

Summit Track - 2.6km return to resort (3 hours)
The Summit Track is recommended only for fit walkers as it is very steep. From behind the jetty, the track starts up the boulder lookout trail, and then continues to ascend steeply through open woodland to the summit of the island (269m). Views of the Island, the Coral Sea and the mountain ranges are the perfect spot to relax and take in the scenery. The trail then winds down amongst the boulders to join the lighthouse road.

Check-in Procedure

Sunlover Fitzroy Island

The Sunlover Fitzroy Island day trip departs daily from Cairns Marina. Check in at the Reef Fleet Terminal Sunlover desk.

  • 7:30am - Check in starts 
  • 8:30am - Check in closes

Sunlover Fitzroy Island Reviews


Shian Lawler

We took Sunlover over to Fitzroy Island for a day. The boat is lovely and clean inside, and the staff did an awesome safety briefing on the way over. they leave st 9:30am so its not too early. We got picked up just after 4pm so were able to have a nice full day snorkelling and relaxing. We will certainly use Sunlover for our next Reef trip!


Katherine Chamberlain

Fitzroy island is beautiful! Highly recommend you make the trip there and experience this little gem!


Sunlover Fitzroy Island

Departs Daily from Cairns Marina - Check in starts 8:30am inside the Reef Fleet Terminal. Arrive back at Cairns Marina at 5.20pm