Palm Cove Kayak Tour

Duration | 4 Hours
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Experience the Inner Great Barrier Reef By Kayak.

↻ Duration |  4 Hours
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Palm Cove Kayak Tours start from the south end of Palm Cove and visit Double Island daily. 

From Palm Cove, it is only 20 minute paddle to Double Island on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef.  Paddle over coral reef, explore the mangroves & beaches at Double Island. There is even a cave to explore if the conditions are right.

More often than not, the water is crystal clear.  There is an abundance of  small rays and turtles swimming  through the water, and its even possible to see a dolphin, dugong or pod of whales on the tour if you are lucky.


  • Kayaks
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Life jackets and safety gear
  • Juice & Fruit

What to expect

Our first stop is our turtle spot.  This is the place where the green turtle and the hawksbill turtle can be seen basking in the ocean.  More often than not we have numerous turtle sightings.  This is an exciting part of the trip for all of our customers.

From here on, we either travel to the north side of the island or we move in to the south side and explore the mangroves, depending on what the tides are doing and the wind direction.  It's not uncommon to see many rays and shovel nosed sharks playing and feeding in the shallows along the tidal part of the beach.

If we venture to the north side of the island and with a low tide, we will check out the lime stone cave.  When the tide is right, we go right inside the cave.  Here we find small stalactites hanging from the roof of the cave.  This is always a popular part of the tour for everyone.

Next stop is the beach for a swim and some fresh fruit and juice.  We have snorkelling equipment on hand too (free of course) , so if anyone feels like a snorkel, you are more than welcome to give it a go.

After all this, it's time to head home.  If the northerly wind kicks in, we head back to Palm Cove.  If the wind comes from the south or south-east, we head further downwind to one of the northern beaches, where our van is on standby to pick us all up.  Either way, the trip home is always easy, because we use the wind to push us back.  We even have a sail that we put up to pull us all along.

Please come 15 minutes before the tour starts. 
Check-in is oin the beach on the southern end of Paln Cove Beach

7:00AM (morning)   1:30PM (afternoon)

45 minutes before the tour starts

Sunglasses, Water, Sunscreen, Waterproof Camera, A Sense Of Adventure

All Kayaks, Snorkeling Gear, Lifejackets and Paddling Equipment, Juice and Fruit, Awesome Guide

Marine Life you might see
More often than not we see lots of different marine life like:

  • Eagle rays
  • Shovel nose sharks
  • Mangrove rays
  • Colourful fish
  • Sea Turtles

EMC Charge
For every person that comes on the Great Barrier Reef with us, we are required to pay a $6.50 Environmental Management Fee

This EMC is not included in the cost of the tour and is added on as an additional cost.  Thank you for your understanding



JoAnn Yoshimoto

I loved the fact that this is a father/son business. It was very personalized, friendly, and totally professional.

CHECK IN TIME: Please come to Palm Cove Beach 15 minutes before the tour starts DEPARTURE TIME: 7:00AM (morning) 1:30PM (afternoon) PICKUP TIME IN CAIRNS: 45 minutes before the tour starts.