Kuranda Packages with Hotel Transfers

Duration | 6 - 8 Hours
Mobile Ticket OK

This tour includes coach transfers to Freshwater Train Station, the Kuranda Scenic Rail journey to Kuranda, time to explore the Kuranda village and markets, The Skyrail Rainforest Cableway and coach transfer back to your Cairns Hotel.  

Northern Beaches Option: 12pm Skyrail, 3:30pm Train.


  • Return coach transfers to and from your Cairns accommodation. 
  • Kuranda Scenic Rail 
  • Time in Kuranda village
  • Skyrail Rainforest Cableway
  • Coupons for discounted entry to Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, Birdworld & Kuranda Koala Gardens

Departure Times & Locations
When booking you will be asked to select your hotel from a list.
Your pickup time will be displayed and sent with your booking confirmation.

Train Up & Skyrail Down

9:50am Train & 1:30pm Skyrail | 2 hours in Kuranda

8.15am | Cairns Pick-up  (approx)
9.50am | Scenic Railway
1.30pm | Skyrail
4.00pm | Cairns Drop off (approx)

9:50am Train & 1:45pm Skyrail | 2 hours in Kuranda

8.15am | Cairns Pick-up  (approx)
9.50am | Scenic Railway
1.45pm | Skyrail
4.00pm | Cairns Drop off (approx)

9:50am Train & 2:45pm Skyrail | 3 hours in Kuranda

8.15am | Cairns Pick-up  (approx)
9.50am | Scenic Railway
2.45pm | Skyrail
5.00pm | Cairns Drop off (approx)

9:50am Train & 3:45pm Skyrail | 4 hours in Kuranda

8.15am | Cairns Pick-up  (approx)
9.50am | Scenic Railway
3.45pm | Skyrail
6.00pm | Cairns Drop off (approx)

Skyrail Up & Train Down

9:45am Skyrail & 2:00pm Train| 2.5 hours in Kuranda

8.15am | Cairns Pick-up  (approx)
9.45 am | Skyrail
2.00pm | Scenic Railway
4.00pm | Cairns Drop off (approx)

9:45am Skyrail & 3:30pm Train| 4 hours in Kuranda

8.15am | Cairns Pick-up  (approx)
9.45 am | Skyrail
3.30pm | Scenic Railway
6.00pm | Cairns Drop off (approx)

11:00am Skyrail & 2:00pm Train| 1.5 hours in Kuranda

8.15am | Cairns Pick-up  (approx)
11.00am | Skyrail
2.00pm | Scenic Railway
4.00pm | Cairns Drop off (approx)

11:00am Skyrail & 3:30pm Train| 3 hours in Kuranda

10.00am | Cairns Pick-up  (approx)
11.00am | Skyrail
3.30pm | Scenic Railway
6.00pm | Cairns Drop off (approx)

11:45am Skyrail & 3:30pm Train| 1 hours in Kuranda

11.45am | Cairns Pick-up  (approx)
12.45pm | Skyrail
3.30pm | Scenic Railway
6.00pm | Cairns Drop off (approx)

What To Bring

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sun protection
  • Camera

The Kuranda Boarding Pass
This package includes the Kuranda Boarding Pass

  • Express check-in on coaches and at Skyrail
  • Express check-in and pre-allocated seating on Kuranda Scenic Railway
  • Highly detailed information on your day ensuring your day runs smoothly
  • Detailed map with highlights and points of interest
  • Tour itinerary with timings and Handy Hints

Kuranda Train
The Kuranda Scenic Rail journey  takes 90 minutes to reach Kuranda and you will stop along the way to view the Baron Falls.

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway
The Skyrail Rainforest Cableway journey is a minimum of 45 minutes but most people stop at the stations along the way to take in the views and explore the rainforest on the boardwalks. Allow for 90 minutes to get back down to the Skyrail Smithfield Station.

Boarding Pass
You will be given a pickup time when booking & our driver will greet you, collect your voucher and issue your Kuranda Boarding Pass.  There is no need to queue as your pre-allocated Train tickets are already on your Boarding Pass.

Freshwater Connection Station
Freshwater Connection is a popular departure point for pre-organised tours.  Situated in a quiet, leafy suburb, amidst tropical gardens and authentic heritage railway carriages Freshwater Connection provides a perfect venue for visitors to enjoy a hearty breakfast and is an ideal way to begin a Kuranda Scenic Railway journey.

Many of Freshwater’s small Queenslander houses were built for railway workers and local farmers in the 1920 & 30s, some with timber from the old Mareeba Hospital. The very large mango trees in the area date from the 1890s. Freshwater Connection was built in 1984 as a tribute to the visionaries and pioneers who built the Kuranda Scenic Railway between 1887 and 1891. Freshwater Connection station includes a museum, and pioneer cottage which provide visitors with an interesting and educational experience.

Kuranda Scenic Rail Experience
Kuranda Scenic Rail is one of the most unique rail journeys in Australia steeped firmly in Australian Pioneer history.

Rising from sea level to 328m, the journey to Kuranda winds its way through World Heritage protected tropical rainforest, past beautiful and spectacular waterfalls and into the awesome Barron Gorge. Only minutes away from Barron Falls the train journey comes to an end at beautiful Kuranda Station.

The Journey
The Kuranda Scenic Rail journey takes one and a half hours to complete and includes an English commentary on the history of the region and the railway.

All passengers receive a a souvenir booklet which includes information on the history of the railways construction, a trip map and a map of Kuranda. 

Each carriage is fitted with three media screens to provide passengers with detailed information of the history of the Kuranda railway. There are also two gold class carriages where refreshments and finger food are served on the journey.  Gold class carriages are available on the 9.50am and 3.30pm trains.

The dreamtime story of Buda-dji, the ancestral being, is also told daily. Buda-dji is the Carpet Snake who, in the dreamtime, carved out the Barron River and the creeks that join onto it, from the coast to the Tablelands. The Railway Engine itself has been painted with a representation of this ancestral being.  

Kuranda Station
Kuranda Station is one of the earliest stations to be built in Australia using standard concrete units and is the oldest remaining examples of its type in Queensland. Described as “after the style of a Swiss Chalet, the idea being to make Kuranda a show station”, the station was designed in 1910. A modified version of the design was built in 1914 and included the Passenger Station building, Signal Cabin and Utilities Block.

Ornamental planting proposed in the 1910 scheme, was developed by George Wriede and Bert Wickham, both station masters at Kuranda. Today Kuranda Station is world renowned for its tropical gardens and historic significance. It is possibly one of the most photographed railway stations in the world. The heritage-listed buildings blend with the tropical surrounds providing a relaxed environment to enjoy. The Kuranda Railway Tea Rooms at the station offer a great range of souvenirs and refreshments.

Kuranda Village
Kuranda is a famous village located on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland, Australia. Surrounded by tropical rainforest and adjacent to the Wet Tropics World Heritage listed Barron Gorge National Park, Kuranda is situated just 25 kilometres from Cairns, making it a popular day trip for visitors to experience the region's natural beauty.

Kuranda Village has been attracting visitors for well over a century. Initially people came to admire the mighty Barron Falls, while artisans were attracted to the region's natural beauty. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s Kuranda was popular with alternative lifestylers, a theme that still runs through the local community today. 

Here you will discover a variety of natural, cultural, wildlife and shopping experiences. Visitors come to see the Barron Falls and to enjoy the stunning natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere of the local markets, selling unique souvenirs and gift items.

Kuranda Original Rainforest Markets
Kuranda Original Markets had their humble beginnings in 1978 organised by a group of locals to attract visitors to Kuranda and see their hand made arts, crafts and local produce. The original marketeers had to operate their own train service for two seasons, to prove commercial viability of the service to the Queensland Railway Department.

Today the markets are an established icon, operating 7 days a week and proving a huge success with providing employment for local artists and makers as well as raising the profile of Kuranda, which is now recognised as a unique Australian Rainforest tourist destination. The Original Markets has retained it’s atmosphere, with many local artists and personalities making the market part of their lifestyle. Many of the current marketeers have been involved in the markets during the course of the last 25 – 30 years.

This market also has a strong eco-conscious ethic with organic, recycled, natural, holistic and remedial products available here. Crafts people still flock to this mountain top oasis to display their beautifully hand crafted wares. Renovated in 2005, this market has lost none of it’s rustic charm, featuring tropical gardens, mini-golf in the rainforest, gourmet regional fare, and contemporary arts and crafts. You are sure to enjoy exploring this truly memorable destination.

Where: Corner of Therwine & Thoree St, Kuranda QLD 4881
When: Open 7 Days, 9:30am until 3:00pm
What: This market has a strong eco-conscious ethic with organic, recycled, natural, holistic and remedial products

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway
The Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is considered one of the best and most beautiful rainforest eco experiences in Australia and the world. spanning 7.5kms over pristine rainforest, this multi award winning eco tour will take you on an unforgettable journey gliding just metres above World Heritage listed tropical rainforest. 

Comprising of comfortable six-person gondola cabins, the Skyrail journey will allow you to explore the wonders of an ancient tropical rainforest, and learn about one of the most botanically fascinating and diverse areas on earth. Operating from the Cairns suburb of Smithfield to Kuranda Village, this 1.5 hour experience will allow you to see, hear, smell and immerse yourself in the tropical rainforest environment.

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Misti-Anne Tatana

The bus driver was very knowledgeable and informative. The diamond cable car was absolutely worth it but terrifying! The train was lovely but the views from the cable car were better


Kathy Fox

I was absolutely delighted with this trip from start to finish. Everyone was helpful and it was fantastically organised. We were able to sit back , relax and enjoy the day.


Stephen Fletcher

Had a fantastic day would recommend it to all.


David Macmillan

Thoroughly enjoyed all the experiences we took part in. Service was exceptional


Jennifer Buttler

Travstar were very efficient in booking the Kuranda tour for us and they made sure we knew where the pick up point was. The Kuranda tour was amazing. Thank you so much.



The bus pickup was great. Skyrail is well worth doing and the information on the train fantastic.

The Kurunda town and market are not worth spending more than an hour or so. We did the first Skyrail up and the last train down and it was too long. The pub near the train also closes around an hour before the last train.

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Departure Times & Locations
Daily from Cairns.
When booking you will be asked to select your hotel from a list.
Your pickup time will be displayed and sent with your booking confirmation.