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About Dunk Island Ferry

Dunk Island Ferry

Dunk Island from Mission Beach

Book a round-trip transfer to visit Dunk Island from Mission Beach. When you arrive on Dunk Island you are free to enjoy it however you wish at your leisure. Explore the rainforest walking tracks, go snorkeling or fishing, or just find your own slice of paradise and relax.

Quickcoast Ferry
Large Catamaran offering comfortable seating. 

  • Departs Mission Beach at 9am
  • Returns to Mission Beach at 3:30pm

Get Dunked
Rigid inflatable boat (RIB) with a maximum of 10 guests.

  • Departs Mission Beach Clump Point Boat ramp at 8am
  • Returns to Mission Beach at 12pm

Getting to Clump Point Marina 
Walking - 30 Minutes walk from Mission Beach Visitor Centre
Driving - 5 Minutes drive from Mission Beach. Free parking available. 

Dunk Island Walks

Dunk Island Walks

Muggy Muggy Beach

Approx. 3 km return (40 mins) 
Grade: Easy​

From the spit, walk to the north-east end of the beach to the start of the walking tracks. This pleasant walk winds through rainforest, coastal woodland, and mangroves before arriving at Muggy Muggy Beach. At this picturesque sandy cove, sheltered behind a rainforest clad headland, enjoy a swim and snorkel before returning along the same track. Access to this walking track may be affected by tidal influences at certain times.

Mt Kootaloo

Approx. 7 km return (2 hrs)
Grade: Moderate
From the spit, walk to the north-east end of the beach to the start of the walking tracks. This more strenuous walk winds up a steep track to the 271 m summit. Cyclone-damaged rainforest on the lower slopes allows glimpses over the island and reefs as the track ascends. On the upper slopes, the forest opens out and eucalypts emerge through the canopy. Near the summit, a short branching track leads to a lookout, which offers spectacular views over the Family Islands and nearby mainland. Near the lookout, the remains of No. 27 Radar Station, built during World War II, are slowly being reclaimed by the rainforest. The track continues around the summit, rejoining the main track and returning to the beach. Access to this walking track may be affected by tidal influences at certain times.

Dunk Island Circuit Track

Approx. 9.2 km (3.5-4 hrs) 
Grade: Moderate
From the spit, walk to the north-east end of the beach to the start of the walking tracks. Mt Kootaloo, you’ll pass through the magical Palm Valley and then onto Coconut Beach. Not for the faint hearted, this challenging walk will introduce you to Dunk Island’s lush green rainforest where you are likely to encounter the many different species of birdlife.
The islands support many species of birds, insects, reptiles and mammals. The brilliant blue Ulysses butterfly has become a symbol for Dunk Island. The fringing reefs surrounding each of the islands are home to a diversity of reef life. Extensive seagrass beds lie between the islands providing important feeding grounds for sea turtles and dugong.

Family Acitivites Ideas​

Family Acitivites Ideas​
  • Find a bird eating spider on the walks.
  • Take an esky with a BBQ and beers – we have a beach cricket set and soccer ball to borrow.
  • Snorkel at Muggy Muggy Beach.
  • Sit and eat oysters off of the rocks on Coconut Beach.
  • Continue on the circuit track and duck into Coconut Beach before returning to the spit.
  • Take some fishing gear and catch a big one.
  • Crack a coconut - PINA COLADAS!

News By Dunk Island Ferry

Dunk Island Camping to re-open in December 2023

Dunk Island Spit

By Dunk Island Ferry

12 Oct 2023

Dunk Island, a renowned camping destination off Queensland's coast, is undergoing a significant transformation. The Dunk Island Group has announced plans to revitalize the Spit, which includes the bar, amenities, and campsites. This comes after the recent closure of overnight camping facilities and the pop-up beachside bar from October to early December 2023.

The anticipated re-opening of the Spit in mid-December is set to offer a more luxurious experience for visitors. The introduction of 'glamping' – a blend of glamorous and camping – promises a more comfortable and upscale camping experience. This move aligns with the global trend of travelers seeking more comfortable outdoor experiences without compromising the essence of being close to nature.

In addition to the glamping facilities, the re-opening will also see the launch of a new 50-person commercial ferry service, enhancing accessibility to the island and potentially boosting its tourism appeal.

However, the decision to close overnight camping has caught many by surprise. The council's official statement clarified that the lease granted to the Dunk Island Group ensures continued access to essential services like the camp kitchen, amenities block, power, water, and sewerage. This suggests that while the traditional camping experience might be changing, the essence of the island's offerings will remain intact.

Camping on Dunk Island Suspended Until Further Notice

Dunk Island Camping

By Dunk Island Ferry

09 Oct 2023

Dunk Island, a popular camping destination off the coast of Queensland, Australia, has temporarily suspended all camping activities as of October 2nd 2023. The island, known for its pristine beaches & lush rainforests has been a favorite among campers and nature enthusiasts for years.

The reasons for the suspension have not been detailed, but visitors planning to camp on the island should make alternative arrangements. Dunk Island is part of the Family Islands National Park, and its management often prioritizes the preservation of its unique ecosystems and the safety of its visitors.

While the camping areas are closed, potential visitors should note that the ferry and day tour is still available. 

The closure underscores the importance of sustainable tourism and the delicate balance between allowing visitors to experience natural beauty and ensuring the preservation of these unique environments. Those who had plans to visit Dunk Island are encouraged to respect the decision and look forward to future opportunities to explore this tropical paradise.

For now, the camping community will be eagerly awaiting updates on when they can return to pitch their tents under the starry skies of Dunk Island.


Dunk Island Ferry Reviews


Sarah Brown

Fantastic service across to the island Lovely friendly company who let you know where all the best bits of the island are! Come across on a weekend when the Spit Bar is open, come anytime to enjoy the stunning hike on the Island. S+R Fun Fit Adventure


Sandra Harris

Thank you Nancy & team for a magical day on Dunk Island! It couldn't have been better, a calm crossing, a brisk walk to the top of Mt Kootaloo with stunning views of the Family Group followed by a refreshing swim at Muggy Muggy Beach. Paradise at our doorstep.


Dunk Island Ferry

Meet the Long Boat at Clump Point Boat Ramp 15 minutes prior to departure. Getting to Clump Point Marina Walking - 30 Minutes walk from Mission Beach Visitor Centre Driving - 5 Minutes drive from Mission Beach. Free parking available.

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Hours: 9am - 3pm Monday to Friday | 9am -12pm Weekends

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