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Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

Take a scenic 90 minute drive west of Sydney and discover the magnificent Blue Mountains. This World Heritage Listed National Park is recognised internationally for its incredible geographic, botanic and cultural values and boasts a stunning landscape of dense eucalypt forest, grand escarpments, waterfalls and cave systems.

Why are the Blue Mountains Blue
The area is home to 90 different species of eucalyptus trees and the greatest and most diverse concentration of eucalyptus trees in the world. Ever wonder why the Blue Mountains are called blue? The air is filled with several finely dispersed droplets of eucalyptus oil. These oil droplets not only delightfully perfume the air, but combined with dust and water vapour; they scatter rays of brilliant blue light earning this spectacular mountain range its name.  

Towns & Villages

Travelling through the Blue Mountains you’ll come across a number of quaint villages and towns such as the picturesque village of Leura. You’ll notice many of the region’s villages and landmarks are named after the European explorers Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson who first crossed the rugged mountain terrain in 1813. 

Katoomba is the most popular town in the Blue Mountains due to its public rail connection to Sydney and its proximity to many attractions such as the three Sisters and Scenic World.


The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters

One of the most striking landmarks of the Blue Mountains is the amazing rock formation known as the Three Sisters. Each pinnacle stands at 922, 918 and 906 metres tall respectively. The best place to view of the Three Sisters is from Echo Point, a lookout perched on the edge of a 170 metre cliff face. Here you can learn about the Aboriginal dreamtime legend of the Three Sisters.

Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves

Travel further along the scenic Cliff Drive through the Blue Mountains and you’ll come to Jenolan Caves, one of the oldest known open cave systems in the world. Known to the local Aboriginal people as ‘Binoomea’ (meaning Dark Places), the Jenolan Cave system stretches over an enormous 40 kilometres of multi-level passages, many still undergoing explorations. There are nine caves open to visitors, all featuring amazing lighting, underground rivers and limestone formations.

Scenic World

Scenic world offers a railway, cablecars and scenic forest boarwalks. Enjoy the iconic views of the Blue Mountains. Hop aboard the world's steepest railway into the Jamison Valley. Explore kms of raised boardwalks through the rainforest, spotting Lyre Birds and ancient tree ferns amongst other flora and fauna. Ride the Cableway, to cruise past the sandstone escarpment and Orphan Rock. Glide past Katoomba Falls and the Three Sisters on the iconic Skyway.

Scenic Skyway
Glide between cliff tops with panoramic views of World Heritage landscapes on the Scenic Skyway. This 720 metre journey provides the best views of Katoomba Falls, the Three Sisters, Mt Solitary and Jamison Valley.

Suspended 270 metres above ancient ravines, breathtaking views of rainforest canopy are revealed beneath your feet through the electro-glass cabin floor. For the less adventurous, seating and solid flooring is also available.

Scenic Railway
Discover the thrill of a 52° (128%) incline in open terrain riding the steepest passenger railway in the world, the Scenic Railway.

Scenic Cableway
The 545 metre Scenic Cableway journey gently descends into the Jamison Valley and returns to the top of the escarpment. The fully enclosed cabin is a unique vantage point for viewing iconic rock formations including Three Sisters, Orphan Rock and Mt Solitary. Passing closely by sheer sandstone cliffs, it showcases the renowned geology and geomorphology of the World Heritage region.

Scenic Walkway
Experience walking under the canopy of an extraordinary temperate rainforest. Located in the Jamison Valley, the Scenic Walkway is a 500m elevated boardwalk, an easy 10-20 minute walk between the Railway and Cableway stations.

Featherdale Wildlife Park

Featherdale Wildlife Park

Featherdale Wildlife Park is a popular stop for people visiting the Blue Mountains from Sydney

Featherdale provides a home to over 1,700 Australian native animals from more than 250 different species and serves as Australia’s largest native collection. Focusing solely on native animals, at Featherdale you will find the largest collection of koalas in New South Wales, 3 open space enclosures filled with kangaroos and wallabies, as well as loads of other iconic Australian animals, such as dingos, echidnas, wombats, bilbies, Tasmanian devils, reptiles and a stunning collection of birds from Australia and around the world. 

Blue Mountains Heritage Centre

Bush Walks

The Blue Mountains Heritage Centre is located in Blackheath. This is your one-stop-shop for maps and information on national parks in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. Learn about local Aboriginal culture, plants and animals and the fantastic walking tracks around the stunning Grose Valley.

Fairfax Heritage walking track starts here and leads to the picnic area and scenic views of nearby Govetts Leap lookout.

270 Govetts Leap Road, Blackheath

9am to 4.30pm daily. Closed on Christmas Day.

Blue Mountains Bush Walks

Blue Mountains Bush Walks

Carlotta Arch walking track
Short but steep Carlotta Arch walking track, also called Shaping Waters walk, offers fantastic views of limestone formations and beautiful Blue Lake, at Jenolan Caves.

  • Distance | 1km one-way
  • Time | 45min - 1hr 
  • Difficulty | Moderate
  • Where | Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve

Grand Canyon track 
Setting out from Evans lookout near Blackheath in the Blue Mountains, be met with a series of waterfalls, creeks and spectacular views along the challenging Grand Canyon track.

  • Distance | 6.3km loop
  • Time | 3 - 4hrs
  • Difficulty | Moderate
  • Where | Blackheath area in Blue Mountains National Park  

Wentworth Falls track 
If you're heading to the Blue Mountains, Wentworth Falls track rewards bushwalkers with grand valley views from Fletchers lookout before reaching the top of popular Wentworth Falls waterfall.

  • Distance | 1.4km return
  • Time | 
  • 45min - 1hr
  • Difficulty | Moderate
  • Where | Katoomba area in Blue Mountains National Park  

Fairfax Heritage walking track 
Family and wheelchair friendly, Fairfax Heritage walking track offers summer wildflowers, and scenic lookouts with waterfall views over Grose Valley, in Blue Mountains National Park.

  • Distance | 1.8km one-way
  • Time |  30 - 45min
  • Difficulty | Easy
  • Where | Blackheath area in Blue Mountains National Park  
  • Wheelchair Access | OK

Kanangra Waterfall walk 
Kanangra Waterfall walk in Kanangra-Boyd National Park offers marvellous views of the cascading water at Kanangra and Kalang Falls.

  • Distance | 1.6km one-way
  • Where | Kanangra-Boyd National Park  

Longneck Lagoon walking track 
A small freshwater wetland, Longneck Lagoon walking track allows visitors to see the startling array of birds that frequent the area. Perfect for walking with children.

  • Distance | 4km loop
  • Time | 1hr 30min - 2hrs 30min
  • Difficulty | Moderate - Hard
  • Where | Scheyville National Park in Sydney and surrounds

Princes Rock walking track 
Historic Princes Rock walking track offers scenic views over Mount Solitary and Wentworth Falls in Blue Mountains National Park.

  • Distance | 1.8km return
  • Time | 30min - 1hr
  • Difficulty | Moderate
  • Where | Katoomba area in Blue Mountains National Park  

Rigby Hill walking track 
Rigby Hill walking track is an easy 1hr return walk from Pierces Pass, in Blue Mountains National Park. It offers dramatic views of the Grose Valley, near Blackheath and Mount Wilson.

  • Distance | 1.2km return
  • Where | Blackheath area in Blue Mountains National Park  

McKeown's Valley walking track 
McKeown's Valley walking track, also known as Healing Waters walk, is a short and easy return walk at Jenolan Caves offering fantastic karst landscapes and wildlife spotting in the Blue Mountains.

  • Distance | 2.6km return
  • Time | 1hr 30min - 2hrs
  • Difficulty | Moderate
  • Where | Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve

Mount Banks Summit walk 
For some of the best scenic views in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, try the steep Mount Banks Summit walk from the picnic area, near Mount Wilson.

  • Distance | 2.4km return
  • Time | 2 - 3hrs
  • Difficulty | Moderate
  • Where | Mount Wilson area in Blue Mountains National Park  

Round walking track 
Packed with scenic views, birdwatching, rainforest and waterfalls; medium difficulty Round walking track offers iconic views of The Three Sisters in Blue Mountains National Park.

  • Distance | 1.2km loop
  • Time | 45min - 1hr 15min
  • Difficulty | Moderate
  • Where | Katoomba area in Blue Mountains National Park 

Ruby Creek walking track 
Ruby Creek walking track is an easy return walk from Mount Werong campground. It offers mining heritage and waterfall views in the remote Southern Blue Mountains area, near Oberon.

  • Distance | 5.3km return
  • Where | Southern Blue Mountains area in Blue Mountains National Park  

Victoria Falls walking track 
If you’re visiting Blue Mountains National Park give Victoria Falls walking track a go. This steep but rewarding bushwalk offers Grose Valley views and a scenic waterfall near Mount Victoria.

  • Distance | 4km return
  • Time | 2hrs - 2hrs 30min
  • Difficulty | Moderate - Hard
  • Wheelchair Access | No
  • Where | Blackheath area in Blue Mountains National Park  

Rocket Point lookout track 
The short but  Moderate Rocket Point lookout track takes in Wentworth Falls waterfall and some of the best views of the famous falls and valley, in Blue Mountains National Park.

  • Distance | 2.4km loop
  • Time | 45min - 1hr 30min
  • Difficulty | Moderate
  • Where | Katoomba area in Blue Mountains National Park  

Blue Gum Forest 
Blue Gum Forest is a fine, historic example of closed forest, situated in Grose Valley in Blue Mountains National Park. Get to it by walking track from Perrys lookdown or Pierces Pass.

  • Where | Blackheath area in Blue Mountains National Park  

Blue Mountain Tours Reviews



Blue Mountains with Henry - Great day! Went on the AAT Kings Blue Mountains and Wildlife day tour today. Our guide Henry was excellent. Very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Commentary throughout the day was entertaining, personable and insightful. The coach and overall AAT Kings were impeccable and top notch. The tour was well placed and an overall awesome experience. The Blue Mountains are breathtaking. Featherdale Wildlife Reserve was lots of fun as we got to interact with and feed the animals. Recommend the tour and both the Scenic World Rides and Parramatta Cruise add-ons to roundout a must-dp tour.


Erlend S

Just did a Blue Mountain tour with AAT Kings. Opted for the “in style”. Well worth the difference in price. Small group, great lunch and a boat cruise at the end of the tour. Guide Joe was outstanding and very informative.


Blue Mountain Tours

Katoomba is the gateway to spectacular natural attractions of the Blue Mountains. The train journey time between Sydney and Katoomba is around 1h 58m and covers a distance of around 110 km. Katoomba is a scenic 90 Minute Drive from Sydney.

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